Drawing Show II :
 Connecting Dots
Title:  Drawing Show II : Now Illusion
Date:  Jan. 8th - 19th, 2014
Venue:  aquabitArt gallery, Berlin, Germany
Rebecca Agnes (IT, visual artist)
Liza Alpízar Aguilar (CR, dancer)
Eric Bernstein (US, visual artist)
Nathan Catlin (US, visual artist)
Christine Cheung (CA, visual artist)
Emanuele Crotti (IT, visual artist)
Ariel Gout (FR, visual artist)
Robert Hope-Johnstone (UK, visual artist)
Simon Jardin (FR, poet)
Danbee Jo (KR, dancer)
So-Rim Lee (KR, writer)
Mareike Lee (CA, visual artist)
Nicolas Manenti (FR, visual artist)
Nevo Ron (IL, musician)
Jamie Ross (UK, musician)
Agata Sasiuk (PO, visual artist)

Jan. 8, 2014 - Danbee Jo
Jan. 19, 2014 - Liza Alpízar Aguliar and Nevo Ron

Curated by Yujin Lee
Sponsored by:  Dean's Travel Grant by Columbia University

Exhibition text by Yujin Lee:
DRAWING SHOW II: Connecting Dots approaches drawing as a way of thinking. Since the ancient times, the act of connecting one dot to another—the act of drawing a line—symbolizes a formation of an idea or a statement. The collaborative relay process leading up to the exhibition will be the crux of the project. The visitors (including artists and the audience) of the exhibition will play an important part in drawing the invisible map between different genres of work and activate the project to life.
DRAWING SHOW II: Connecting Dots is a collaborative relay project between visual artists, writers, text translators, musicians, dancers and cinematographers. The process of the project is as follows:
The initiating drawing* will be shown to two writers. They will each write a work inspired by the single drawing (it may be a fictional story or a poem in the native language of the writers). Each writings will be translated by a certified translators into the native language of the two musicians, who will each compose a music inspired by each writings. Each musical scores will then be given to each of the two dancers, who will create a choreography onto the music. Finally, the two dance videos will be each shown to two groups of five visual artists, whom will all create a “drawing” inspired by the dance without the music.
*Drawing by Gerhard Richter (Drawing II, graphite on paper, 59.5 x 40.38 in, 2005)
자전거 잠금 장치  /  글.이소림
자전거는 나의 가장 비싼 소지품이다. 새하얀 2012년 Schwinn제품으로, 안장과 두 개의 바퀴는 톱으로 썰지 않는 한 훔쳐갈 수 없는 번호 조합 자물쇠로 단단히 잠겨 있는 채로 내게 왔다. 자전거의 프레임을 고정시키는 자물쇠 역시 아주 튼튼하다. 문제는, 지난 11월 초 언젠가 이걸 채워만 놓고 번호 조합을 바꾸지 않은 채 돌아다니기 시작하면서 발생했다. 한마디로, 자물쇠를 걸쳐만 놓았지 잠그지 않은 것이었다. 두 시간이 지나서야 내 자전거를 영영 잃어버릴 수 있다는 걸 깨닫고 서둘러 돌아왔을 때, 신기한 걸 발견했다. 번호 조합이 완전히 바뀌어있었다.
세 자리 자물쇠의 번호 조합 가능 개수: 1000
네 자리 자물쇠의 번호 조합 가능 개수: 10,000
내 자물쇠는 네 자리이다. 사실, 번호 조합은 너무나도 간단했다: “1111.” 누군가가 어떠한 명백한 의도로 이걸 “9327”로 바꾸어 놓은 후 내 삶에는 잔잔한 파장이 일었다. 그 날 이후로 난 다시는 자전거를 잠그지 않았다. 또한, 내가 가는 곳의 십여 분 떨어진 거리에 의도적으로 자전거를 세워 놓고 자물쇠를 “걸쳐” 놓았다. 나흘에 한번, 또는 사흘에 한번은 자전거의 번호 조합이 바뀌어 있었다. 날씨 좋은 일요일이면 기차역에 자전거를 세워 놓고 근처 카페에 가서 하루 온종일 책을 읽었다. 두 시간에 한번씩 상태 점검을 하면 꼭 번호 조합이 바뀌어있곤 했다. 난 다시 번호 조합을 열어놓고 카페로 돌아갔다. 자전거가 어느 날 사라지거나 내가 흥미를 잃는 날, 이 실험은 끝날 것이다. 하지만 반년째 내 자전거 잠금 장치는 열려있다. 아니, 단단히 잠겨있다고 해야 하겠다. 왜냐하면 내가 열어놓고 어딘가로 가버리면 꼭 누군가가 와서 잠그기 때문에.
리히터의 작품에서 묻어나는 역(閾)과 같이, 내가 모르는 이들의 보이지 않는“선”(善)들이 내 자전거를 오롯이 지켜주고 있기 때문에. 이들의 의도는 중요치 않다. 단지, 경계를 흐림으로써 경계를 지키고, 경계를 지킴으로써 경계를 흐리는 점, 선, 면들의 조합은 10,000라는 가짓수를 뛰어넘는다는 점에 감사할 뿐. 작품과 작품 사이의 상호번역성이 가져다 주는 쾌감은 홀로 하는 창작, 숫자놀이, 학문의 섭취를 지탱해주는 등뼈이고, 이러한 연결고리 없이 나의 고독한 예술은 주기적 허기짐을 채우기 위한 섭취의 단계 후 발생하는 배설물에 지나지 않을 것이기 때문에.

So-Rim Lee's original Korean text translated into English
Bike Locking Device
My bicycle is my most expensive possession. It’s a white 2012 Schwinn that came to me firmly secured by a combination lock, having a rock-hard seat and wheels that can only be cut with a special saw. The strong lock was tightly wound around the bike frame. My problem is that early last November, I mounted the lock on the bike but didn’t change the combination number. In other words, I only placed the lock on the bike but didn’t close it. 2 hours later, I suddenly realized that I might lose my bike so I went back to it but discovered some mysterious things. The numbers had been completely changed.
Possible combinations for a 3-digit number: 1000 Possible combinations for a 4-digit number: 10,000
My bike lock has 4 digits. In fact, the combination is way too simple: “1111.” After someone intentionally changed the combination to “9327,” there have been ripples in my life. Since that day, I’ve never locked my bicycle. I intentionally park it about 10 minutes away from where I used to go and “hang” the lock on the bike. Once every 3 or 4 days, I discover that the combination has been changed. When it’s a nice, sunny day, I park the bike at the train station and spend the day reading a book in a near-by café. Whenever I check the bike every couple of hours, I find that the combination has been changed. I open the lock and then go back to the café. If the bike disappears someday or if I lose interest, this experiment will be finished. However, the lock on my bike has remained open for half a year. In other words, I would say it has been firmly locked because I open the lock and leave it for a while but return to find that someone has locked it.
Like limen that exudes from Richter’s art, the invisible “line” that I don’t know oversees the bike so the intent is not important. By blurring the boarder, keep the boarder and by keeping the boarder, blur the boarder combination of dots, lines and surface. I am just thankful that this combination exceeds more than 10,000 numbers. The enjoyment brought by the internal translation between art work and art work is the backbone supporting creativity, number play and academics; my lonely art without this sort of connecting hook is merely excrement after fulfilling the periodic hunger.

Composed by Jamie Ross

Dance video (color, sound), 7 min 28 sec

by Danbee Jo and Sanna Santsi Räsänen

Filmed and edited by Yujin Lee

Music by Jamie Ross

Exhibition opening night

Opening night performance by Danbee Jo

Ariel Gout
Ariel Gout
Emanuele Crotti
Emanuele Crotti
Mareike Lee
Mareike Lee
Robert Hope-Johnstone
Robert Hope-Johnstone
Nathan Catlin
Nathan Catlin
HIER TRADUIT ICI by Simon Jardin
1 fut avant: 1 ET 1 FONT?
Un fond
De fût
Mes tables rases Mes joues rasés Mes pires raisons
Mes premiers calculs à des quart d'années près 1 ET 1 FONT?
Ma bière à midi
Midi à mes lèvres
Mes lèvres au fond
Tant de verre et de verre: vide ici il y avait une fenêtre ou une croix
ici il y a avait une porte ou une douche
une clé ou de l'eau: assez de nuit pour perdre sens
dans les choses, elles, si promptes aux larmes, si aimées, fidèles et infidèles, elles, si proches perdre sens: goût et toucher, dans les choses, purs et seuls tels
qu'elles nous ont laissés
ici il y avait du papier et des crayons ici il y avait une école ou une administration fiscale
les voix se firent chiffres
ici peut-être qu'en fait il n'y avait pas de clés: mais des cadenas
des fers marqués aux chiffres
des chiffres qui glissent sous les doigts
ici il y avait un mur maintenant il y a une fissure
un mur mitoyen au rêve il y a
tout pourrait être du barbelé ou des boucles de cheveux
quelqu'un se cache
Un fut avant: avec la porte ou la douche la clé ou l'eau alors tu sais cela suffit 1 ET 1 FONT?
tu te souviens des entailles: amour ou prison
tu te souviens des entailles: le signe plus les lettres
L'axe des x rabattu sur l'axe des y
Mes pires raisons x et y: selon un point de vue qui fut ligne
une ligne qui fut nous
1 ET 1 FONT?
Je me tiens le poignet et compte sans compter En hésitant entre un et infini: je vis
Les derniers instants de mon identité
ici il y avait un rêve avec ses techniques d'éternités ses automatismes d'étoile et d'imminence
des poings ou des yeux fermés quelqu'un se cache
Si 1 vaut étoile et 2 imminence?
ici ombre et influx brins et filons
tu meurs mais ça ne compte pas dit-elle
mourir dit-elle
est une horloge à qui j'ai retranché la treizième heure
mais en même temps il est certain que quelqu'un fit du patin à glace sur ton imagination
ici il y avait une patinoire ou une machine à coudre
Mes tables rases Mes ourlets d'outre-tombes
Ou tout cela n'est-il que la clé de la porte sur le carrelage de la douche sur la vitre de la fenêtre sur les chiffres des doigts
le signe moins les lettres
Ou tout cela n'est-il qu'une école d'axe un papier d'automatisme un crayon de barbelé
Et sans doute qu'ici
Je ne sais plus trop quand
1 ET 1 ça faisait quelque chose

Simon Jardin's original French text translated intro Hebrew

אתמול מתורגם כאן

תמונה 2
תחילה היה 1: 1 ועוד 1 יוצא?
של פיר
לוחותיי החלקים, לחיי המגולחות, סיבותיי הגרועות ביותר
חישוביי הראשונים, מעוגלים לרבעונים: 1 ועוד 1 יוצא?
הבירה שלי בצהרי היום
צהרי היום על שפתיי
שפתיי בתחתית
כל כך הרבה זכוכית וכוס ריקה – כאן היה הלון או צלב
כאן הייתה דלת או מקלחת
מפתח או מים – כל כך לילה שאפשר לאבד את הכיוון
בתוך ערימות החפצים, ההן, כל כך ממהרות לדמוע, כל כך אהובות, נאמנות ולא-נאמנות, ההן, כל כך קרובות
לאבד את החושים: הטעם והמגע, בתוך החפצים, טהורים ובודדים כפי
שהשאירו אותנו
כאן היו עפרונות ונייר כאן היה בית ספר או משרד לענייני מסים
הקולות הפכו את עצמם למספרים
כאן אולי למעשה לא היו מפתחות: אבל מנעולים
ברזלים המסומנים במספרים
מספרים המחליקים מתחת לאצבעות
כאן היה קיר עכשיו יש סדק
קיר משותף בחלום יש
כאן סדק שאין לו יותר כוח להחזיק את עצמו על קיר
הכול יכול היה להיות תיל, או תלתלי שיער
מישהו מסתתר

תמונה 2
תחילה היה 1: עם הדלת או המקלחת, המפתח או המים, אז אתה יודע
שזה מספיק – 1 ועוד 1 יוצא?
אתה נזכר בחתכים: אהבה או בית סוהר
אתה נזכר בחתכים: הסימן פלוס האותיות
שאין לו יותר כוח להחזיק את עצמו על קיר
הולמים בציר ה-X  על ציר ה-Y
סיבותיי הגרועות ביותר, X ו-Y: לפי נקודת ראות שהייתה קו
קו שהיה אנחנו
1 ועוד 1 יוצא?
אני מחזיק בשורש כף ידי וסופר מבלי לספור
מהסס בין אחד לאינסוף: אני חי
את רגעי זהותי האחרונים
כאן היה חלום עם טכניקות האינסוף שלו, כוכב ממוכן, קירבה ממוכנת
אגרופים או עיניים עצומות
מישהו מסתתר

תמונה 2
אם 1 שווה כוכב ו-2 שווה קירבה
כאן צל וזרימה, חוטים ועורקים
אתה גוסס אבל זה לא נחשב, היא אומרת
למות, היא אומרת
זה שעון ממנו קיצצתי את השעה השלוש-עשרה
אבל בו בזמן בטוח שמישהו עשה החלקה-על-קרח  על הדמיון שלך
כאן היה משטח החלקה-על-קרח, או שהייתה מכונת תפירה
לוחותיי החלקים, רגביי מארץ המתים
או שכול זה אינו אלא המפתח לדלת על אריחי המקלחת, על זכוכית החלון
על המספרים שסופרים באצבעות
ואין ספק שכאן
כבר אינני יודע כל כך מתי
מ-1 ועוד 1 יצא משהו

Composed by Nevo Ron

Dance video by Liza Alpízar Aguliar

Single-channel video (color, sound), 6 min 36 sec

Cinematography by Christian Möller

Music by Nevo Ron

Agata Sasiuk
Agata Sasiuk
Christine Cheung
Christine Cheung
Eric Bernstein
Eric Bernstein
Nicolas Manenti
Nicolas Manenti
Rebecca Aganes
Rebecca Aganes

Closing day performance by Liza Alpízar Aguilar and Nevo Ron

Artist Bios
Rebecca Agnes (b. 1978, Italy)
Rebecca Agnes’ artistic research focuses on the mutations of territories—pointing both to the metaphysical and physical spaces. For this exhibition, artist Rebecca Agnes traced the movements and steps of the dancer in the framework of the video provided to her. The resulting drawing delineates a space—a territory, a landscape and a map. Graduating from Academy of Arts Brera in 2001, Agnes has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe. She currently lives and works in Milan and Berlin. www.rebeccaagnes.org
Liza Alpizar Aguilar (b. 1983, Costa Rica)
She studied dance at the Conservatoria El Barco, Costa Rica with Jimmy Ortiz and Veronica Yañez. Liza Alpizar Aguilar is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since 2011, she organizes an Iberoamerican Dance Festival, PLATAFORMA Berlin, and is the director of SurReal (a film-dance competition). Since 2006, she is working with Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin. lialpizz@gmail.com
Eric Bernstein (b. 1988, United States)
Born in Washington D.C. to a civil engineer and a modern dancer, Bernstein’s work emerges between these two contradictory mindsets - systematic yet unpredictable, existing within the unstable gap between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation. He is also co-founder of a design collective, Hither Yon. Recent exhibitions include "The Double Take," Hartell Gallery in New York and "MULTI-MEDA," Parco Meda in Rome, Italy. He currently works as a studio assistant for artist Jeppe Hein in Berlin. www.ericrossbernstein.com, www.hitheryon.com
Nathan Catlin (b. 1984, United States)
Nathan Catlin is interested in narrative in vein of folklore, myth, and biblical reference. Through narrative, Catlin explores the body and how it interacts with its surroundings, or lack there of. The tension of weight and line create for him an uneasy and almost impossible state of motion, capturing action and eluding to both before and after. Many times the figures’ backs are turned to the viewer allowing them to be merely a spectator to a moment they have come upon. Catlin mainly works with large-scale line drawings with paint on canvas and woodcuts. His work is part of the permanent collection of Fisher Landau Art Center. He currently lives and works in New York. ww.nathancatlin.com
Christine Cheung (b. 1979, Canada)
Christine Cheung works mainly with paint and Sumi ink on mylar, paper and canvas using gestural marks to replicate her surroundings—from the bombastic, colorful tropics of Thailand, to the concrete towers of Canada. Prior to this exhibition, Cheung has been working on Invisible Drawings exploring the relationship of gestural drawing to movement. She is interested in the idea of loss, forgetting and collective memory, and at the core, the sublimation of one’s identity. She is a recipient of the Joseph Beuys Scholarship at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada and numerous grants and awards. Her work is shown internationally, including as part of the permanent collection of the Sørlandet Art Museum in Norway. She currently live and works in Berlin. www.christinecheung.ca
Emanuele Crotti (b. 1977, Italy)
Emanuele Crotti has been working in theatre as actor, director and set/light - designer until he moved to Berlin in 2008. Here he develops his artistic research further, from the stage to the space (urban or natural), with installations and works of visual art. Storytelling, psychology, i.e. drama are reduced to the basics: light vs. darkness, movement vs. stillness, breathe vs. apnoea. "The boundless blinding Light is the Zero, my Shadow is the One. 01010101. Standing in the Light or standing against the Light: it is the simplest story I can tell. Sometimes it tastes like Big Bang, sometimes like Apocalypse. Nevertheless they seem to taste the same: pure." www.unicorn-karkass.tumblr.com
Ariel Gout (France)
The abstractions within Ariel Gout’s paintings, drawings and installation evoke organisms and bodily systems mingling as living forms into the flux of inner landscapes. She uses thread to sew and stitch drawings on paper and canvas; the stitches and lines not only suggest connections in space and time, but also allude to women’s activity. Gout currently lives and works in Berlin. http://arielgout.blogspot.com
Robert Hope-Johnstone (b. 1988, Great Britain)
Hope-Johnstone’s works shed new light on traditional themes of the ‘Sublime’, Romanticism and the writings of Edmund Burke, through the medium of charcoal drawing and digital composition. The work is formed with the audience in mind, and intended to provoke a state of self-reflection. Most recent exhibitions included 'ABOVE THE CLOUDS.' A solo show which tackled the viewers perspective, provoking elevation and pushing for reminiscence of the Romantics, however with an underlining sense of the uncanny and terror. Running theme's challenge to expose nature in an obscure and unearthly manner. Hope-Johnstone graduated from Camberwell College of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Peckham, London. ww.cargocollective.com/rhopejohnstone
Simon Jardin (b. 1990, France)
After finishing his studies in philosophy, Jardin lives and works in Paris as a poet and filmmaker.
Danbee Jo (b. 1992, South Korea)
At an age of ten, Danbee Jo started her training in Dancesport. By twelve, she started competing nationally in junior and youth division. After finishing high school, Jo retired from her dance competition life and moved to Berlin. She is currently studying contemporary dance at Die Etage in Berlin. In February 2014, she will participate in one of Chaim Gebber’s dance theaters in Berlin. wheksql1002@gmail.com
Mareike Lee (b. 1979, Canada)
“Some images escape the notation of representing edges with lines, and interpreting lines as edges. We can make volumes that don‘t depend on lines – shapes that don‘t have clear edges – clouds, waves. We make lines that are not edges–lines for motion or to highlight brightness. These lines that are free from bounding objects display their own wonderful energetic properties. Mareike‘s lines, not confined to a role-play of edges, are not confined to paper, either. They colonize architectural spaces, rewrite her books, command the viewfinder of her camera and re−imagine landscapes…” (David Lidov on Lee’s work, 2009) Lee has produced numerous artist books and curated shows for an artist-run exhibition space in Berlin, Parkhaus Projects. She currently lives and works in Berlin. www.mareikelee.com
So-Rim Lee (b. 1983, South Korea)
So-Rim Lee is a freelance writer, photographer, and visual artist. She aims to become a scholar-artisan thoroughly knowledgeable in various different art forms and consistently producing creative interdisciplinary analyses that fundamentally integrate, not segregate, practice and theory. She received a B.A. in Film Studies from Columbia University, an M.A. in English Literature from Seoul National University, and an M.A. in Text and Performance from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Currently she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. www.so-rimlee.com
Nicolas Manenti (b. 1980, France)
“Absurdly posturing in the deserted space, the tragicomic white-collar antihero emerges for the first time in the short video Interludes (2001 – 2002). The bureaucentric vein has since become a staple his work, with an ever-expanding cast of characters… Extending beyond the camp interpretations of our modern day work environs, Manenti also delves into the mind-numbing repetition of labor as a method of contemplation… his work offers a layered, dialectical critique on social order.” (Sunshine Wong on Manenti’s work, 2012) Nicolas Manenti is represented by Galerie Thomas Craemer and currently lives and works in Berlin. http://nicolasmanenti.blogspot.de
Nevo Ron (b. 1974, Israel)
For more than twenty years, Nevo Ron has performed as a musician specializing in guitar. Since five years ago, he started building his own instruments. Ron is a member of a Berlin basked Soul/Funk/Reggae band, B-Town Busted. He currently lives and works in Berlin. nevoron.m.g@gmail.com
Jamie Ross (b.1986, Scotland)
In a world of rich symbolic cultures and new technologies, art prefaces the linguistic metaphor. As an installation artist promoting questions like what is sound with meaning and where is the image, Ross suggests this remains a puzzle for artists and scientists alike.  Jamie Ross is an Artist, Musician and Composer living and working in Berlin. He studied and practiced mixed media techniques, theory, concept and history with contemporary artist John Ross from 2004-2011. www.jamieross.de
Agata Sasiuk (b. 1985, Poland)
Agata Sasiuk works mainly with acrylic, ink, black paper and scalpel. She likes to mix different mediums together to show sarcasm and macabresque world that surrounds her. Her inspirations are transvestites, drag queens and midgets, and all other colorful figures. She is interested in Positive Disintegration phenomena. Sasiuk is part of artistic group Polish Mirova, with which she organized many exhibitions. She won Best Young Painter Prize in Wroclaw and showed her works in numerous group and solo exhibitions. She currently live and works in Berlin. www.agatasasiuk.com
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