Island ESC, 2021 - 2022
Mixed media installation with drawings, photographs, and various objects
Size variable
Created in collaboration between Yujin Lee and Aracha Cholitgul
Exhibited in a group exhibition titled, oCcurent, curated by Jaime Pacena II at UP Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines, from July 7  to August 13, 2022
In 2019, Yujin Lee (KR) invited Aracha Cholitgul (TH) to her artist residency, which is also her home and studio on Jeju island. However, Aracha couldn't travel to Jeju due to the pandemic. So both artists decided to shift their collaboration online and created 'im_there_are_u_here,' an ongoing experiment on how to stay connected when physically apart. In ISLAND_ESC, Aracha and Yujin shared the experience of living on an island through journals, Instagram posts, and found objects. First, they made writings and drawings in journals and sent them to each other along with small objects from their islands. Then they recreated an installation based on the idea of sharing a part of their lives. 'im_there_r_u_here' is an effort to stay in touch and maintain friendship through an art project.
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