Same/Difference, 2015
Two-channel video (color, sound), 35 minutes 42 seconds
    Filmed and edited by Yujin Lee and Nicole Maloof 
    Original music by Chatori Shimizu
    Videography (in South Korea) by Kyung-min Kang
    English and Korean language with English and Korean subtitles

Maxine Builder (writer)
Suejin Chung (visual artist)
Shinhee Han (psychotherapist)
Sujin Han (Columbia University student)
Byron Kim (visual artist)
Jungwon Kim (historian)
Chris Lee (Columbia University student)
Jinsook Lee (art critic)
Rose Legrone (junior Fulbright researcher)
Rachel Lim (Columbia University student)
Quan Nguyen (junior Fulbright researcher)
Injin Yoon (Sociologist)
Jong In Yoon (Columbia University student)

*Theater footage is taken from “Here Comes Shim-Chung” performed at the National Theater of Korea on January 11th, 2015

Nicole Maloof (American, born South Korea) received her BFA in Painting and BA in Chemistry from Boston University. Her work draws upon a diversity of interests—interests that also led her to pursue chemistry research at Harvard and a Fulbright teaching grant in South Korea. Her current practice includes drawing, animation, printmaking, and video as she layers narrative imagery with text, numbers, and science puns. (

Video still from Same/Difference, 2015

Two-channel video (sound, color), 35 min 42 sec

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