Drawing Show I : 
No Illusion
Title:  Drawing Show I : Now Illusion
Date:  August 17th, 2012
Venue:  Kreuzberg Pavillon in Kassel
Lotte Günther (DE, www.lotteguenther.de)
Yujin Lee (KOR, www.leeyujin.com)
Mira O'Brien (USA, www.miraobrien.com)
Patricia Reed (Canada, www.aestheticmanagement.com)
Hither Yon (USA, www.hitheryon.com)

Curated by:  Yujin Lee

Exhibition Text by Yujin Lee
The "Drawing Show" is an exhibition project with research, education, and publishing, grounded on an artistic and conceptual curiosity of contemporary 'drawing'. The exhibition will carry following questions: what is the limit of drawing; what kind of impact and presence can a drawing have; how can a drawing be utilized to express an idea, whether visual, conceptual or political.
The inaugural show is titled ''No Illusion". It is inspired by a definition of illusion (Maya) in Hindu philosophy. The western dictionary defines illusion as "false belief" or "something that creates false impression of reality". Maya, however, is neither truth nor false, and it is believed to be the general human perception of the world. In other words, the world is only as much real as an image of a person in a mirror: never real but simultaneously never false.
The exhibition "Drawing Show: No Illusion" brings together works of drawings from artist of different backgrounds. Each work reflects on the artists' understanding of the world, whether by creating new or demolishing an existing illusion.
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